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When Egyptologist April Tanner is asked to translate the hieroglyphs on an ancient ring, she is unwittingly drawn into a world of danger and intrigue. Her colleague, Dr. Peter Scherril, believes the glyphs will lead to a treasure hidden nearly two thousand years ago by an Egyptian named Remaliha. The problem is the glyphs don’t make sense. 

A week after Peter is killed in a suspicious car crash, the ring shows up in April’s mail. She vows to decipher the artifact’s code and figure out why someone wanted Peter dead. Her inquisitions put her in the path of dashing archaeologist Nathan Hayes and his mysterious friend James Reddingham. Nathan invites April to join his expedition near Luxor. 
Once she arrives in Egypt, April aggressively pursues her investigation of the ring. But soon she suspects the motives of both Nathan and James and finds herself dodging thieves and assassins at every turn. In the end, uncovering the secrets of the ring could lead to Remaliha’s treasure . . . or April’s own tomb.
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Melanie is an author, designer, and flight attendant all rolled into one. She graduated from Utah State University with a degree in communications.

Melanie has told stories all her life and finds her passion in sharing the plots that spin through her head. She hopes to be on an airplane one day and see someone reading one of her books.

Melanie now lives in Portland, Oregon—with her two dachshund Chihuahua dogs—where the beauty of the Pacific Northwest feeds her imagination and the rainy winter evenings encourage her to curl up with hot chocolate and a good book.

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Character Casting
·         April Tanner: Ashley Green
·         Nathan Hayes: Jake Gyllenhaal
·         James Reddingham: Jeremy Renner
·         Peter Scherril: Travis Caldwell

He had strode into her office demanding to talk to her. Sean didn’t want to let him in, but Peter had pushed his way through the door. Astonished, April had jumped to her feet. Peter looked like he had just come from an archaeological dig, and with his leather jacket and ruggedly handsome face, he had reminded her of Indiana Jones. As soon as he saw April, Peter had apologized for the intrusion, introduced himself, and begged for her help.
Once the men were out of sight, she dashed behind the columns and into the roman Sanctuary, then ran deeper into the temple. In desperation, she looked around, but could see no place to hide and no way to exit the temple without being seen. Feeling hopeless, she backed toward a dark corner until someone grabbed her from behind and clapped a hand over her mouth.
She still felt a little dizzy and decided it was just the heat and exertion from walking to the temple. At the edge of the pool, she tested the water temperature with one toe. It was perfect. She removed her flip- ops. Then everything started spinning.
April tried to reorient herself but felt her body falling forward. She reached out to catch herself. Instead, her hands slid into the cool water, and the surface of the pool slapped her in the face.

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