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"Marley Reynolds’ flight with proof to stop the pharmaceutical company she works for from releasing a drug that could kill thousands of soldiers lands her in the arms of a man she has no idea how to handle.     Ex-Army Ranger, Zan Master, had given up on finding the right woman for him until she runs into him, literally.  Now, he just has to keep her alive long enough to blow the whistle for them to enjoy the love they found."

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I grew up in a small town in Wyoming loving the outdoors, sports, art, and reading Hardy Boys books. After reading them all at least a half dozen times, I started writing my own stories.
Thirty years ago I married a wonderful, honorable man. I’m mother of five children and grandmother of seven boys. I love traveling. Through my husband’s work and vacations, I have visited much of the United States, all over Eastern Europe, Canada, Mexico, China, Thailand, Cambodia and Australia, giving me many intriguing locations and experiences for my stories.
I am a storyteller. I write the classic hero story because I think there’s a need for more heroes, love, and adventure in our lives. I’m not out to change the world with my writing; I’m just hoping to make your day a little better.
Hope you enjoy.
Alysia S. Knight

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     Whistleblower started with Marley running for her life(literally) because of a special project being worked on by a select few at Derrian Labs, her employer, and she didn’t stop until the end of the book. Fortunately, she happened to bump into (literally) help in the form Zan Masters, a man whose former military experience not only helped him appreciate the reason she escaped with the proof of what was taking place, but he had the skills to help her get that information where it needed to go.
     I enjoyed the learning more about the characters. Marley, super smart, but who considers herself not socially gifted tends to stutter when under stress. Zan is a man’s man, and fortunately, he can appreciate Marley’s abilities, which surprises Marley to no end.
     This story is action-packed. I loved the California coastal scenes. Since I am a California girl myself, from the author’s description it was so easy for me to picture the two driving the coast highway down that narrow ribbon of land between the coastal cliffs and the ocean. I could picture the beach town and sandy beach where they “hid out” trying to avoid being trapped by pursuers. It got pretty exciting when they were caught between the forces from Derrian Labs and the military working with them, and I was left wondering who were the good guys and who weren’t.
     The romance elements are clean and proper. This is a contemporary romantic suspense story heavy on both a sweet romance and a page-turning suspense. I greatly enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

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