Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas Countdown Blitz: HALFLING by Cindy D Bennett

Bennett lives a most unglamorous life in the beautiful state of Utah. She is the author of several YA books in many subgenres. She’s the mom of two daughters, two sons, two daughters-in-law, a son-in-law, four grandbabies, and a dog. She loves gooey cookies, dark chocolate, and cheesy popcorn. She hates housework and cooking, and has no plans to become a domestic goddess. Her favorite pastime—other than writing—is riding her Harley.

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"Banished from the South Pole, Kara tries to carve out a new life among the elves of the North. It’s not easy with a secret to protect—a secret she's cursed with by the unusual circumstances of her heritage: half-elf, half-fairy. In the North, she’s assigned to work with Seb on a special project. He's the most gorgeous elf she’s ever seen—and the orneriest.

As if being banished wasn’t punishment enough.

Seb introduces her to Trystin, a fairy from the nearby fairy forest. Trystin discerns her secret right away and promises to teach her how to use the powers given to her by the very thing she’s fighting to keep hidden."


1.     When she was assured no one was near, Kara slipped her jacket off. With a relieved sigh, she unfurled her wings and spread them wide. The relief was immediate. Her gossamer wings might look thin, fragile and delicate, insubstantial, but they were as strong as any fairy’s—and not meant to be constantly rolled against her back.

She shook them out, shivering at the delight that came with the sensation of freedom she always felt when she was able to open them. With a grin, she leapt from the drop off, soaring into the icy wind that rushed across her face and through her long, amethyst hair, the same color as her eyes. As she rushed the ground, she spread her wings—the same unusual shade as her hair—even further, catching the wind and leveling out just above the tree tops. She fluttered them, pure feeling racing throughout her entire body with the motion. Flying like this was as close to bliss as Kara could imagine ever being.

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