Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Aurora Rescue - The Novel

I decided it is time to blog the progress of my novel. You know, the "Great American Novel" we all plan to write? Well--hooray!--mine is halfway there.

I decided on a young adult novel. No foul language or steamy love scenes in my book, thank you very much. I ran my first idea past one of the best reading critics in the world--#1 granddaughter. She assured me that my first idea would not appeal to young adults. Then, she steered me onto the path of an idea that she thought a lot of young adults would enjoy. With these few suggestions from her, I came up with the plot and characters for Aurora Rescue. Forget the Good Housekeeping seal of approval--I got one from #1 Granddaughter.

She even gave some great technical advice. Who better to instruct Grandma on the difference between nerds and geeks? Who better to provide me with the best online sources for texting language short-cuts?

I recruited several readers to give me feedback. I told them from the start that the number one rule is that they were to give their honest opinion on my chapter surveys. I do not want "warm fuzzies" to boost my ego. I want honest suggestions on how to improve my characters, settings and plot to boost my chances of successfully finding a publisher.

Several of my readers stuck with me through the first section of Aurora Rescue and gave me great feedback. Then school started. I am down to two readers--one a teenager and one, well, a little older than young adult. Talk about a great brainstorming team!

I don't know if having readers who give honest feedback during the process of writing a novel, especially a first novel, is a suggestion authors include in the "how-to" books that tell us how to write our Great American Novel, but it sure is working for me.

Oh, and #2 granddaughter, a pre-teen, also thinks the book has promise.

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  1. I am so excited to know Hunter is in! I know this book is going to be entirely successful! could not put it down, want more! What a creative mind! way to go Robyn!