Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today is synopsis day.

You know, a synopsis--that thing you are supposed to write up before you start actually writing your book. It is "the short version."

One kind of synopsis can be for the whole book--kinda like a book report summary. Then there is the chapter by chapter synopsis. That is from 10 to 30 pages and is the really condensed version of a Reader's Digest Condensed Book version of the book. That is the kind I need to write.

It's not like I am a total slouch. I did do some pre-planning for this book. After talking out the major premise of the book with #1 granddaughter, I wrote out a character description for each of my main characters, their wardrobes and -- well -- their stuff. I roughed out the first scenes of the book, made up a time-line and did the preliminary research (there is that word again. Refer to my last blog posting.) I made a rough outline. Not bad for a start.

Since then, I discovered that one of my subplots would not work because the science does not support it. Also, I have added two ongoing characters, one of them major.

Did I mention this is at least a trilogy, and probably a quadrilogy? You ask: you mean you do not know? Answer: yes and no.

You see, I had one of those wonderfully inspired moments a few months ago. The muse was really with me. I took all my characters and scenes that I planned to use for the entire series and worked it all out in my head. It came together beautifully. Masterpiece!

I know that when that kind of inspiration comes along, it is important to write it down while it is still fresh in my mind. I know that.

Did I do that? No.

How could I forget my beautiful brain-child? But, I have. Was that scene going to be in book two or book four? I do not remember. Bits and pieces have fallen by the way.


So, now it is back to the "drawing board", so to speak. I need the synoptic version of each of the chapters in each of my books--all of the synopses--so that I can print it out and put it on a bulletin board to keep in front of me as I work out the fine details.

Synoptically yours--

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