Saturday, January 30, 2010


It is official!

I just renamed the folder in my computer documents file. My master folder that holds all the research sites, timelines/calendars, synopses, reader surveys and, of course, the book chapters themselves has been renamed. It is no longer the Aurora Trilogy (original) or the Aurora Quadrilogy.

New official name: Aurora Quintology.


  1. Did the aurora rescue get completed? or is it renamed to Aurora Quintology? Or is this new chapter names?

  2. Aurora Rescue is almost completed. I am working on the last section. The Aurora Quintology refers to five books in the Aurora series. At this point, the others are tentatively named: (Book 2)Aurora Recover, (Book 3) Aurora Rebound, (Book 4) Aurora Remembrance and (Book 5) Aurora Rendezvous. Thank you for asking for clarification.