Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where West Meets East

While working on the chapter of Aurora Rescue that I just finished, I realized that the chapter was going to appear before one of my favorite scenes: the one with Cy and the F.B.I. agent, Lee Hardin, in the internet cafe. The one where, in response to Agent Hardin asking Cy if he minds being called "Kid", Cy responds by asking Hardin if he minds being called "Cowboy".

However, both of these chapters have already taken place AFTER the chapter where Cy did his research on Lee Hardin, and already formed an adjusted opinion about the man as a result of his research.

So, in this chapter, as a teaser for the reader, Cy mentions something about Cowboy. Marty has no idea who he is talking about. As I am writing the scene, I decide to have her wondering if he is making fun of the owner of the touring agency with which she is supposed to be traveling back east.

For that to work, I realize that I need to flesh out the tour agency in previous chapters. Instead of being the generic no-name touring company it currently is, I will go back to add in West Tour Agency, with the motto for the tour Marty is taking to be, "Where West Meets East." Tour Guide: Mr. West, who looks the part by wearing western clothing.

For that to work without running into trademark issues, of course, it required me to go online to be sure there was not a West Tour Agency with that motto located in the general area where Marty lives.

Found none so far. Now for the revisions to past chapters so I can move forward.

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