Friday, February 26, 2010

Two Down, Two to Go

I finished two chapters in two days this week.

Both chapters had a start when I worked on them. Chapter 17 had ten and one-half pages written as of February 8th. I was getting frustrated that, between my training for my new service mission in family history and other obligations, I did not get back to it until this week. But, Monday I finished it up. Fifteen pages of single-spaced 8-1/2 by 11 inch pages. Whew!

Chapter 18 had more of what I would describe as sourdough bread starters for two parts. They were thoughts that crept in my mind earlier in the novel, and I wrote down the pieces as they formed so I would not forget them. Together they filled a little over a page. I finished the chapter of ten and one-half pages Tuesday.

Last night, it was back to reading one of Michio Kaku's books, Einstein's Cosmos. In the past year I have read other books on Einstein and related physics topics. However, I find Mr. Kaku's writing style among the easier for me with my non-physics brain to understand.

The study of physics has always scared me to death. Now, after all these years, I find I need to understand a bit about physics for my novel. How can I portray Cy Riverton, my math and physics whiz-kid, well without at least a basic understanding of his world?

I mean, I finally learned how spinning magnets generate electricity. When I shared this amazing new insight with my husband, he gave me one of those "Well, duh!" looks. He is into construction and ham radios and knows all about that.

My background is similar to what F.B.I. Special Agent Lee Hardin will say in an upcoming chapter, "When I was in college, I was a chemistry man, you know what I mean?"

Oh, by the way. I came to understand this week that in the F.B.I. they are not just "agents." They are special agents. So, part of this week was spent going back to the beginning of the book and making that edit. That was on Wednesday.

It is time now to write up a new set of survey questions and get Chapters 15 through 18 out to my critique readers. This last section of the book is a long one. I look forward to their input on what I have in these chapters before I finish the book.

Two more chapters to go. Three at the most. Yay!

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