Monday, March 1, 2010

Black Hole

I now, for the very first time in my life, understand what a black hole is. Thank you, Michio Kaku.

Black hole = black star = star where the force of gravity is so intense that no light waves can escape it. Therefore, it appears to be a black hole in the cosmos.

Not important to the novel, but interesting to me. And, I believe that in the long run it will help me round out my growing understanding of the cosmos and space-time theory.

I am enjoying Kaku's book. I am reading it like a novel and understanding as much as I am capable of doing the first time around. I only read a chapter or two at a time to allow my brain to absorb what it can of the more complex information in there prior to me putting some more before my eyes. I will take notes and really focus on the scientific information I need for my novel the second time around.

Next this morning, I will double-check on a few other things I have already written in Section 4, which right now is titled "Smithsburg Station", and then send it to my readers.

It is good I am hot at writing dialog, if I do say so myself. That goes quickly. It helps make up for the time I spend on this heavy-duty scientific research to try to make my novel as realistic as possible.

I did mention that this novel is a bit of science-fiction, didn't I? Like I told my critique readers, fiction does not have to be 100% true. It only has to be believable to the reader. But, for that small percentage that is "scientific fiction" to come across as real, I believe I need to have as much true and proven science in there as possible.

If not, this novel could end up being a literary black hole.

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