Thursday, March 8, 2012

Found My Red Fine-Point Pen

Please read my previous post on proofreading before you read this.

I found my fine-point red pen. I have changed my procedures so I use the red for any changes in the actual wording of the book. I use my blue fine-tip pen to make notes, such as, "check style manual" or "check usage" or "check spelling."

Last night I took a break by working on my novel cover design. My original cover artwork does not look right in the cover options I have tried. I need to work on that image a little more using my photo-editing program to see if I can make it workable.

This is one of my own touched-up photographs which I am considering. What I really need, though, is a good authentic aurora scene. The trick is first, finding one I can legally use, and second, being able to afford it. Unfortunately, some of the beautiful aurora photographs found on the internet are the copyrighted property of someone and cannot be legally used.

Today, I am back to proofreading. I am on page 22 of 84. Moving right along....

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