Friday, March 23, 2012

Oh, the things I learn....

Oh, the things I learn when I start preparing Word documents for self-publishing, especially when I receive a template with which to work, but need to make adjustments to make it work correctly:
  • I learned how to set section breaks instead of just page breaks so that the header will not show on the first page of the next chapter.
  • I learned about embedded and non-embedded fonts, which ones I cannot have on a pdf document for submission, and how to hunt down and change all the sneaky little non-embedded fonts in a template when the creator of the template does not want to allow it to be compatible with other printing services.
  • I learned how to set margin sizes on right and left pages.
I'm exhausted with all this learning, especially after making adjustments on a novel-length work most of yesterday.

I also decided to print Aurora Rescue as a 6 x 9 inch book instead of my original 5.25 x 8 inch format. I save $.60 per book using the larger-sized pages, but fewer pages per book option. That does not sound like much, but it adds up over time.

Also, for the final page in the book, I came up with a "tease" or a "hook" for novel two in the Aurora series. I chose this for three reasons:
  • Financial considerations - a one-page blurb is cheaper than an additional 20-30 pages of first chapters.
  • The opening pages of Aurora Redress will not give enough information about what to expect for the whole book.
  • It will assure the readers that I did not just forget about Eddie--leave him hanging in 1857 Pennsylvania. Eddie is featured in this book.
(I am into bullet points today, can you tell?)

Not to keep you in suspense any longer, here is my blurb for Book 2 - Aurora Redress:

          The saga continues as Marty makes a startling discovery about the mountain on which she and Hunter landed. As she searches her cell call history and realizes what went different than planned, her disappointment turns to anticipation over the possibilities. Will this be her opportunity to help Eddie Burrows return home, too? Cy agrees that she should try to find Eddie, even though it means he must somehow continue to fend off the increasing threat to his own freedom as a result of being pursued by “Cowboy” FBI Special Agent, Lee Hardin.

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