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Accidentally in Love-Great Summer Reads Countdown Blitz

I live in Rocky Mountains with my husband and children and love my home when it’s not snowing. I’m the author of 36 books so far. I also write YA Paranormal Romance under my pen name, Katie Lee O’Guinn.  I enjoy the outdoors, reading and being with my family. I’m a huge believer in happy endings. Scarlett really should have been happy with Rhett and it’s a darn shame Leo and Kate didn’t float safely into New York on the Titanic. Don’t even get me started on Romeo and Juliet. To find out the latest on my books, check out my blog at or 

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"A funny and bittersweet look at grief, love and families who maybe love each other too much. 

Letting go of the past and facing the present and future is harder said than done for Kam Matafeo. Getting over his wife’s death isn’t something on Kam’s list of things to do.  But when Grace Jackson, his new Sous Chef walks in, life is turned upside down. And not just for him either.  Anne, his mother-in-law, is not open to the idea of anyone new in Kam’s life and will do anything to stop his romance from blooming. But when the ‘Love Witches’ step in to protect him, the battle lines are drawn. Fircrest is in for some fireworks when the fight for Kam’s heart not only affects his family, but his friends’ lives too.

Things get so crazy that Grace has to make the decision to stay and fight for herself and Kam or to give up and let Kam slip back into the darkness."

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Excerpt 2:

Grace looked over her shoulder at Kam standing in the doorway of his office and swallowed hard. She squared her shoulders as she walked into Kam’s office.
“Shut the door, please.”
Grace bit her lip but did as she was told before sitting down and staring at the man in front of her.  Why did he have to be so good looking?  Why torture innocent women?
“You know what? I think you should cut your hair,” she said, without thinking.
Kam’s eyes widened as he automatically pulled his hand over his ponytail. “What? Why?” he demanded, frowning at her.
“Because it tortures women, that’s why,” she snapped, crossing her arms over her chest.  “And maybe wear long sleeves, too.  Those tattoos are just as bad.”
Kam blinked a few times and then grinned at her.  “Wait. You’re saying I’m torturing you?”
Grace nodded her head, frowning at him.  “It’s cruel to be honest.”
Kam laughed and pushed a small box closer to her.  “Well, maybe this will make up for it.”
Grace felt her stomach growl as she reached for the box, hoping against hope that it was what she thought it was.  She hadn’t had time for lunch and this could very well put her in a better mood.
“Oh please, please be something yummy,” she murmured, opening the lid to see the biggest, most decadent cupcake ever made by human hands. “Oh my word. It’s too beautiful to eat.”
Kam shook his head.  “Not even. Take a bite.”
Grace lifted the large cupcake out of the box and stared at it for a moment before taking a large bite.  She closed her eyes, shaking her head at the explosion of flavors in her mouth.
“It’s too much,” she whispered, licking her lips.  “This has to be what heaven is like.”
Kam laughed and put his hands behind his head, leaning back in his chair. “Your hair is pretty.”
Grace smiled and leaned back in her chair, now much much happier than when she’d entered his office. “Really? Thanks, Boss.”
Kam smiled back at her, just looking at her.  Grace blushed, now feeling weird, eating in front of him as he just sat there watching her.
“And what did you pick from the bakery today? Did you stick to the parfait, or did you venture out and try something new?”
Kam motioned to an empty box on his desk.  “Kit convinced me to try her newest creation.  It was a looped churro dipped in chocolate and nuts. It was amazing,” he said, sighing happily.
Grace laughed and licked some icing off the side of her cupcake.  “And to think I had to force that first banana parfait on you.  I love it.  Next time I’m there, I’ll pick up a couple for both of us.”
Kam cleared his throat and looked down at his large hands. “Um, yeah, that would be great.  Maybe we should just uh, go together sometime?”
Grace raised an eyebrow at Kam over her cupcake as he looked at her with a strange expressionless look on his face.  She tilted her head as she studied him.  Two things.  The man had just sort of asked her out.  And he was super nervous about it.  She grinned at him and pointed her finger at him.
“Boss, you just asked me out.”
Kam cleared his throat again and began fidgeting with a pencil.  “Nah, not really.  It was more like, if you’re going and I’m going and we happen to be going at the same time and we both want a churro, maybe we should just go together. That’s all.”
Grace laughed and shook her finger at him. “No way. You just asked me out.”
Kam’s face reddened as he looked up at the ceiling and sighed pitifully. “Why do women make life so hard?” he asked the ceiling.
Grace sat back and sighed happily. “Oh you’ve done it now.  We’re going on a date.  We. Are. Going. On. A. Date.”
Kam groaned and rubbed his face before staring at her in exasperation.  “Well, can you blame me? You come in here, singing and dancing and tempting me with desserts and making me laugh. And Gracie, you flirt.  You flirt with me like crazy.  What’s a man to do?” he demanded.
Grace grinned and took a bite of her cupcake as she wallowed in her happy glow.  “Oh I get it. I forced you to ask me out. Is that it? You poor little thing.”
Kam sighed and shook his head, looking even more befuddled. “Of course not. No, I’ve been wanting to ask you out for two weeks now. I’ve just been, . . . I’ve just been a little hesitant is all.”
Grace smiled at him.  “Two weeks? You know, I was about to give up on you.  I was thinking if you didn’t ask me out, I was going to take Baby and run away to Hawaii.”
Kam grinned, looking very satisfied for some reason. “Oh, that’s why you wanted to run away, huh? Good to know.”
Grace raised an eyebrow at that. “Oh, so you do enjoy torturing poor, innocent women.  Well, then I deserve this date.  For making me wait, for the hair and the tattoos, I think I deserve something more exciting than Belinda’s Bakery though.”
Kam tilted his head. “Oh yeah? What did you have in mind?”
Grace sat forward, grinning.  “Dancing.  I want to go dancing with you.”
Kam narrowed his eyes at her.  “We’d have to leave a little early Saturday night, but there’s a club I know that stays open until two.  If you’re not too tired, we could leave here at ten.”
Grace stood up and popped the last of her cupcake in her mouth.  “It’s a date then,” she said and saluted him before walking out into the kitchen.
It was only later that night when she was laying in bed, trying to fall asleep that Anne’s words about always coming in second place in Kam’s heart began to play on repeat through her mind.  She sighed and turned on her stomach, watching the shadows play against her wall.
Could she do it? Could she allow herself to fall for a man who would only give her half his heart?  She frowned at that, feeling the automatic punch to her gut. 

The answer to that was, she didn’t know.

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