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About Heartbeat of the Bitterroot:
By Janice Mineer

Jenna Clark always tried to bury her bleak beginnings in Montana's Bitterroot Valley, but a newfound secret about her father's identity forces Jenna to dig up her past. While there, mysterious threats and dangers suddenly enter her life that bring about an unexpected man of her dreams--Michael Callahan.

After a lifetime of running away from family and love, will Jenna find the courage to confront her past and step forward into the future?

     I started with Delta as a ramp agent in Missoula almost eight years ago, spent a year working in Santa Fe, then transferred to LA where I worked my way up to customer service and then shift supervisor, overseeing everything from ticket sales to the endless lugging of bags into and of of the bowels of planes. A couple of months ago, I transferred back to Missoula--a smaller airport--where my duties as a supervisor were similar. I monitored employee workflow and even filled in at the ticket counter and on the ramp when we ran short of help.
     I had run the gambit of experiences in the industry, and I understood that it was my job to smooth ou bumps, unruffle feathers, and help maintain everyone's sanity. But nothing really prepared me for that morning.
     I had barely run my security badge through the scanner when I saw Brandon trotting in my direction, looking like he'd just had a close encounter with a hurricane.
     "Jenna, I'm glad you're here." He caught his breath and ran his long fingers through his bristly blond hair. "We have a problem. We've been called out to the tarmac by D gate. There's a plane in trouble and they want us on hand in case passengers need help when they land. Well, we hope they actually will land," he emphasized.

My Review:

I found this book to be well-written and thoughtful. The story line was well-paced, and kept me engaged. Told in first person and peppered with flashbacks, I got a real sense of who Jenna was. Jenna lived her life--supervisor for Delta at the local airport in Missoula, family and friends, a wedding, and a boyfriend, or at least a friend of the male persuasion that showed up. Then she is introduced to a new man. An air of mystery surrounds her search for her father. A good book.

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About Janice Mineer
Janice Mineer was born in the state of Washington. She graduated from Brigham Young University and later taught English, allowing her to spend quality time with something she loves-the written word. A hopeless romantic, Janice has played harp for weddings, even for one that took place on the edge of a cliff over a river. Because of her first husband's long illness, Janice and her family spent extended time away from home to be near the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. When her husband passed away, Janice dedicated herself to work with the Ronald McDonald House to provide a home away from home for families who need medical care for their children. Janice is the author of a children's book, Gingerbread from the Heart. Secret Heart of the Bitterroot is her first novel.

Janice lives in the Bitterroot valley of Montana with her husband, Randy.
Between them they have five children and 11 beautiful grandchildren.


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