Monday, May 24, 2010

A Little Fine-Tuning

I hate it when a document that I have saved in 2 or 3 places disappears in the great electronic beyond. That is what happened to my solar cycle chart. So, I went back on the internet and found a site that had that chart.

However, I decided to also copy the information into another document and combine it with other records of aurora sightings and documented atmospheric electrical events. It was then I noticed my mistake.

My Green Corn scene was set in a year that I guessed might be a year of a solar cycle high. After looking at my chart again, I realized I had actually set it in a year that was probably a solar cycle low. I do not have a record of the solar highs back that far in time, only a record of the start of each solar cycle. I had to go to more modern years to figure out the average time a solar high occurs after the start of a solar cycle, then extrapolate it to the earlier years.

What that ended up meaning to Aurora Rescue is, I need to set my Green Corn, and, therefore, my Maggie Grimsby story, 3 to 4 years later than where I have them now. it was back to my research books and papers to find out what was happening then.

So, the Green Corn story is basically the same. It even has some of the same historical information. It just needed a little "fine-tuning" to get it set four years later in time.

Last Saturday I reviewed my research; today I did the rewrites to the chapter. On to fine-tuning Maggie's story.

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